Because of the rising cost at the USPS we can no longer offer free shipping but you can get 10% off any order over $ 35.00 to offset the cost of shipping if you use the coupon code SAVE10 at checkout

If for any reason your order gets lost during shipping we will replace it for free.



If you have a request for a particular jig not on our site and would like to request it let us know, we have over 40 different jigs in our catalog and always adding more to our site 


We are in the process of making our weedless ned jig heads ewg with a smaller hook size so keep checking back.

Weedless ned jigs EWG


While we do our best to keep items in stock at all times we are also an operating hunting and fishing store and on occasion we may be out of an item, if so you will receive a prompt refund for the item that is out of stock.

We package 7 days and week and ship 6 days a week accept when usps is closed, we pride ourselves with fast service, from the time you place your order it is in our outgoing mail within 24 hrs, we have a lead time of less than 24 hrs for most items unlike other online stores, and we drop ship nothing, our customers satisfaction and quality products are our top priorities.

While we specialize in the weedless ned EWG jighead

we are also expanding our inventory to accommodate

everyone who loves to fish from young to old, so please browse our store, we are a small business that is located in The Great Lake State in Northern Michigan.

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T-shirts $ 19.99 or free with any 

Order over $ 100.00 (shipping excluded)

While supplies last !!!!!

If you make fishing jigs, flutter spoons, crawler harness, soft bait or any other fishing product and would like them listed on this site please send us a picture of your product and what your wholesale price is and if we like it we will buy it from you and put it in our store, unlike ebay that charges 10% or more and you have to wait up to 21 days to get your money we buy it from you and sell it, make sure that if your product sells good that you will be able to fulfill the orders we place of products you make.

( we reserve the right to retail your product at our price regardless of the wholesale price. )

We do our best to make sure that all eyelets are clear from any powder coating but we paint hundreds of jigs a day and may on occasion miss one and if this is the case and you receive one just heat up a needle, paper clip etc. until it is glowing red and push through the eyelet this will clear the eyelet out of any powder coating.